Here’s an update on the Google Nexus One phone that just got leaked earlier this week and has been the hot topic on the interwebs for the past couple of days.

Google Nexus OneTnkgrl was able to get up close and personal with this upcoming Android phone and has lots to report about it. The unit she was fortunate enough to play around with came with T-Mobile 3G. AT&T connectivity was limited to EDGE only which suggests there could be more than just one variant considering that Nexus One approved by the FCC also comes AT&T 3G. Performance was pretty snappy, even faster than the Droid, and the OLED touchscreen is also confirmed. Battery capacity is rated at 1400mAh, and a 4GB microSD card came installed with it. There's no dedicated camera key though, and one thing that will surely disappoint most people is the lack of multitouch support.

Could it just be missing in this particular firmware version? We don’t know for sure, and we'll only probably find out when an international version gets released that's multitouch capable.

Unfortunately, as you may have noticed, there are no new pictures to accompany this report. She wasn’t allowed to take pictures. Nonetheless, her brief experience with the Nexus One has supplied us with some very useful information which has got us even more excited about its impending release next year. If you’re after some pictures of the Nexus One, you can check out our previous post where there’s a couple of full body shots and a peek at its Android 2.1 OS.