new bell canada logoBell has officially dropped SAF and 911 carrier fees on their new plans albeit lacking an official announcement on their part. Existing customer, however, won’t be affected by this new pricing scheme and while it may appear to offer up better savings, taking a closer look at the details scooped up by Mobilesyrup reveal that it actually doesn’t differ that much in terms of pricing as compared to the previous ones.

So, what’s included in these new plans? Aside from removing SAF and 911 carrier fees which is a total of $7.70 worth of savings, Call Forwarding (worth $3) is now bundled in Consumer and Small Business plans. That’s the good part. The catch here is that monthly fees will be increased by as much as $5 to $10 (depending on the plan) which basically negates the previously mentioned savings. 2 BlackBerry BIS and PDA smartphone SOCs will also receive a $5 price hike. In return, you get to pay for the exact amount of the plan you subscribed to with no hidden/additional charges included.

Interested but already on Bell? You can migrate to one of these new plans, but you’ll forfeit whatever benefits and features you already have on your existing plan though no restrictions (contract renewal, migration fee) will be applied. You will also be charged $2 paper bill fee unless you opt-in on their new paperless ebilling system.

So let's hear it guys, what are your thoughts on this new SAF-free pricing scheme of Bell?