Remember that rumor of an Android-based HTC HD 2 being in the works? Well, we’ve got an update on it, and based on what's been mentioned, it's set to debut on Verizon in the US.

Verizon HTC Passion Android phone Verizon HTC Passion Android phone

Thanks to Unlockr, we now know that it's actually called the HTC Passion and we’ve got a sneak peak. The Passion is the CDMA equivalent of the HTC Dragon, another leaked handset that is yet to be announced. Apart from running on Android 2.0 and a Snapdragon processor at its core, details about its specs are pretty scarce at the moment, but we sure wouldn’t mind if it were anywhere near or identical to that of the HTC HD2.

On a similar note, it was also divulged that another HTC Android phone will be released on Verizon following the Motorola Droid. The HTC Desire will be the carrier’s second Android offering. Once released, it will be called the Droid Eris, a Verizon branded version of the HTC Hero, and since the Droid name applies to all Verizon Android phones, the HTC Passion will likewise debut with a Droid name as well. We haven't got the slightest clue as to what it will be called, but one thing's for sure, Verizon's Android line-up is certainly shaping up to be a contender.