It’s just a matter weeks before Bell finally flips the switch on their new HSPA network, and if the idea of this veteran player entering the GSM arena to rival Rogers isn’t enough to get you excited, maybe this latest news will.


Based on a leaked slide courtesy of BGR, it appears that Bell will also gladly hand-out unlock codes for their new handsets provided you meet certain conditions. So, what exactly are these conditions? First, your account should have been active for at least a month, next, you need to honor the remaining period on your contract, and finally, the handset obviously should have been purchased from Bell. The final catch is that you'll need to pay a fee, which we hear could be as high as $250 per phone.

It’s not exactly what we could consider a competitively priced service especially compared with the other options available in the market, but hey, at least you won’t void your warranty in the process, right? So, all you GSM subscribers, is this a good enough reason for you switch to Bell soon or will you continue to remain loyal to Rogers?