We’ve heard rumors in the past that Microsoft was working on a mobile phone under the Project Pink name, but this will be the first time we’re getting some concrete evidence that it really does exist. Courtesy of Gizmodo, the Palm Pre-like model is called the Turtle while the Sidekick-wannabe is dubbed as the Pure.

Project Pink: Turtle

Based on the provided info, these handsets will be manufactured with the help of Sharp. We don’t know the exact nature of the relationship between Microsoft and Sharp, but as the report suggests, it could have something to do with Danger. Sharp was responsible for producing the Sidekick for Danger, and since Microsoft bought Danger two years ago, hence the current association of the two companies.

Project Pink: Pure

As far as we can tell, these look like initial mock-up designs only so we’re expecting a lot of tweaking to be done before its official announced to the public. Nonetheless, this already gives us an idea on what Microsoft secretly working on, and going the QWERTY route is very apparent in these designs. Unfortunately, this is as good as it gets at the moment.

Details about its specs are pretty scarce, and we neither have a clue as to when we can expect these to hit the market. It was, however, mentioned that Zune services and, understandably, an app store will be major features in these new devices. Rest assured, we’ll report more on this once additional info is made available, but so far, how do you guys find these new handsets from Microsoft?