iOS 7 for iPad Images Released
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Apple will officially release iOS 7, the next iteration of its mobile platform, this fall. Apple has already distributed a beta version of iOS 7 for the iPhone to developers but has not yet released a version for the iPad. The iOS 7 section of Apple's Web site now shows an image of a home screen of an iPad running iOS 7. Some developers have also managed to run the software on an emulator to see what it looks like on the iPad. The results show a full-screen Notification Center and indicate that syncing the Control Center and calendar with how they look on the iPhone is still a work in progress.

What Else You Need To Know

  • iOS 7 is expected to be officially released in September alongside the new iPhone 5S.
  • Amid confirmation that iOS 7 is supporting third-party controllers, already leaked online is an imaged of a purported Logitech game controller for the iPhone.

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