Google Bans Own Glass Headwear at Shareholders' Meeting

Amid reports that casinos and other business are banning Google Glass even before its commercial release, Google chief Larry Page says privacy fears about Google Glass will fade as people incorporate the eyewear into their lives. But even the camera-enabled, Internet-linked eyewear was not welcome at Google's own annual shareholders' meeting Thursday. The restriction infuriated the nonprofit watchdog organization Consumer Watchdog, which called out Google executives as hypocrites. The beta version of Google Glass, priced at $1,500 each, was released to developers starting February but the device will only be released commercially in the fourth quarter of 2013.

What Else You Need To Know

  • Instructions to Google shareholders for their Thursday’s 2013 annual meeting says “Cameras, recording devices, and other electronic devices, such as smart phones, will not be permitted at the meeting. Photography is prohibited at the meeting.”
  • Page said that even Gmail faced privacy concerns during launch but those concerns later faded.

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