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Songza Media, Inc.
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Avg. iTunes Rating (Current)
3.5/5 stars (145 votes)
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4.5/5 stars (34,113 votes)

Reviews (7.3/10 Avg. rating)


The best way yet to stream music on your iPhone

from iMore

Songza is not only the most gorgeous music streaming app I've ever come across, it also works amazingly well. If you're looking for custom song searches and the ability to make your own playlists, Songza isn't for you and you'll be happier with a service like Spotify but be aware the price tag will be much higher for the privilege.

But if you're looking for a way to discover new music instead of simply streaming what you already know, Songza is a perfect option. The playlists are well put together and the iPhone app is a joy to use. If music discoverability is your number one des... Full review


Find the perfect music for any activity

from Cnet
While you can still get playlists by genre or artist, Songza's unique concept of assembling playlists according to your current activity makes it a great download for music lovers... Full review
PC Magazine

Specializes in community-curated playlists that will appeal to music diehards who enjoy mixes

from PC Magazine
Songza for iPhone may lack the ability to create and edit playlists, but it's still an excellent streaming music app. Music discovery is effortless, and there are many entertaining playlists, too. Slacker for iPhone remains the top mobile streaming music app as it's a more comprehensive streaming audio service that carries lifestyle content and live ESPN. But if you're looking to sample interesting mixes, Songza for iPhone is worth a download... Full review

Offers a curated selection of playlists by music experts and respected publications

from AppSafari

The Songza iPhone app’s navigation is not intuitive and confusing, as the playlist screen is filled with the album cover that provides virtually no content and functionality. You can’t touch the album cover to initiate action. An improvement to the functionality would be to always have the ability to explore the Songza iPhone app with a consistent navigational tool. If it’s a bottom menu bar, then that bar should move through the iOS app. The same consistency could be accomplished with a sliding menu bar as well.

Music nerds and snobs will certainly overlook the... Full review


Large selection of well-curated playlists

from About
There are things I love about Songza, most notably the Music Concierge and the idea of delivering playlists curated for times of day and moods. Add moving through them, Pandora-style, and you’ve really got something. Unfortunately, the inconsistent and choppy streaming is just too much for me right now. It really hindered my enjoyment of the app and its music.I suspect that problem can be solved, though, and when it is, you may end up reaching for Songza whenever the mood, whatever that mood may be, strikes you. .. Full review

Pandora and Spotify better watch their backs

from TechCrunch
Songza’s offerings change every time you jump into the app, simply based on time and day. But they’re also compiled by people who are experts in certain genres and artists. You may have a great Bob Marley inspired playlist, but it won’t be as great as a Bob Marley superfan’s playlist... Full review

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34,113 from iTunes App Store

34,113 App Store customers have shared a review for Songza. Ratings are generally positive averaging 4.5 out of 5 stars all time. The most current version of the app has 145 ratings with an average 3.5 out of 5 stars.


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