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Reviews (9.3/10 Avg. rating)

PC Magazine

A gorgeous game from start to finish

from PC Magazine
There aren't many mobile games that stick with you, but Monument Valley is definitely one that does. Like a good book or a movie, it invites reflection, and I've found myself replaying the game just to experience it again. This game challenges the assumptions of what we see and do in video games, and it even manages to feel fresh and challenging a second time through the Forgotten Shores expansion. .. Full review

Short but phenomenally sweet

from USgamer
A gorgeous-looking, wonderful-sounding puzzle game that provides an all-too-brief, but utterly memorable gaming experience. Brilliant... Full review

Not your average game

from Pocket-lint

With its inspiring graphics, haunting music, and at times whimsical gameplay, there is no denying that even the newest gamer will be able to complete Monument Valley, but that's not a negative here and true gamers shouldn't be put off by that either.

Ustwo has somehow managed to reward everyone involved without producing a dumbed down experience that will alienate, just in the same way BAFTA winning game Journey, on the PS3, achieved.

Whether you are new to games or an old hand, Monument Valley is a pleasure to play and you'll relish and enjoy every brief fleeting mome... Full review


Greater than the sum of its parts

from Cnet

Monument Valley is an incredibly immersive puzzle game that looks and sounds great. The slow pace, levels that look like works of art, and the strange storyline tie the game together beautifully.

The game is a great experience regardless of a player's age, and would make a great game for a child and parent to share.

The only problem is, with something this good, you want it to last longer. The Forgotten Shores add-on is an improvement, but you'll have to pay for it. You may just buy it, though, because once you spend some time in this gaming world, you'll only want mor... Full review

The Verge

Every screen is a work of art

from The Verge

One of the defining features of the game is that each level adds a new idea; you're never really doing the same exact thing twice. Sometimes getting Ida where she needs to be means figuring out how to walk on walls, while other times it means constantly rotating the level so that she can keep moving forward. And that's one of the reasons the experience is so brief, the kind of game you can finish over the course of a single leisurely Sunday. "It would have been more challenging if we were trying to stretch the game out to 10 or 20 hours, and we wouldn't have been able to put the same amount... Full review

Pocket Gamer

Every bit as good as it looks

from Pocket Gamer

As brief as it is, Monument Valley squashes enough into its gorgeous shell that quibbling about its length feels a little churlish.

The polish and poise that's gone into the final product speaks of a project made with the utmost of care and passion, and in an age of clones and cash grabs that's something to champion.

Monument Valley is an iOS game that can be played by anyone and, perhaps more importantly, should be played by everyone.

It's a short, revelatory slice of almost perfectly pure gaming that stands as an example of just what mobile gaming is capab... Full review


Smart and soothing

from Polygon
Monument Valley doesn't overstay its welcome — with ten sections, each with a few screens, it took me about three hours to complete. But those hours were special. Monument Valley features brilliant design, with puzzles that somehow always made perfect sense, even though I was playing as a wall-walking princess in a pastel-hued world. The experience was short and sweet, but it stayed with me like a dream I didn't want to forget... Full review

Intensely focused on delivering an experience

from TouchArcade

To fans of experience-focused games, and you know who you are, you should assuredly pick up Monument Valley right this minute. It's a feast for your senses, is mysterious and vague enough to keep you thinking, and has a great, snappy pace to it without ever feeling rushed. On the other hand, to the people who dislike this type of game, and I'm very sure you also know who you are, this is not going to please you terribly much. The gameplay, while clever, likely isn't anything you haven't already seen, the game itself is very short, and there's little on the bone to chew on, mechanics-wise. A... Full review

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