Why won't ZTE ZMAX Pro play videos?

I just bought a ZTE ZMAX pro in February and it's stopped playing videos on anything except YouTube. I don't use YouTube.  When I tap the play button on videos it will start for a split second then stop. All my apps are up to date. Is there anyway to fix this?

Solution: I turned on my camera, touched the cog in the top left of the screen, then touch the word video on the right side of the screen, and selected restore default at the bottom of the list, selected OK, then I exited out of the application. I restarted my phone and when it was ready, I selected my video files and opened one. Since VLC is my default player, a permissions box dialog opened, asking me to allow VLC the permission to play video. I selected allow, then exited the app. I restarted my phone again and the videos played with VLC again.

The problem: I use VLC media for video playback, but a recent update to my phone caused the problem. Because VLC is not the default app built in for the Zmax Pro's video playback, the system does not recognize it as the default app, so VLC settings are not updated with the system software. I ran into this issue with my LG Stylo G last year after an Android operating system update.  I hope this helps anyone with video playback problems on their ZTE Zmax Pro. I now make note that my phone IS NOT used on MetroPCS. It is unlocked and used on the H2O network, which is another pay as you go service, and the phone has not been modded.

Hi Kelli. Can you try using MX Player? Let me know if that works in playing your videos.

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