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Beverly King

Why does the ZTE Lever keep restarting apps?

I play Simpsons Tapped out and the game keeps restarting. It's not the game because no one else in the house has this problem. I've tried rebooting and updating the game. Still nothing resolves the problem.

Hmm.. What I will do in this situation is uninstall the game and install Clean Master. I use Clean Master to clean up the residual files. After running Clean Master, try installing again and see if it makes a difference. Also try to free up RAM to improve performance of the game.

Beverly King

Only during the game but it's like as soon as I log it and start to do something it goes right back to the start screen. I've updated the game thinking it was a bad update. But still doing it.

Hi Beverly. Does it only happen when playing the game? Or does the phone get too hot while playing? I'm thinking that it restarts/shuts down because the phone is too hot. If it's really that, then it's normal. Android shuts down the device to avoid damage on the phone due to heat.

Jamie Ferguson

why does my phone keep restarting and cut off when I turn it on?

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