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How to move apps to SD card on the ZTE Compel?

I'd like to know how to move apps from the main memory to the external SD Card on the ZTE Compel Z830?

On a z t e phone plug in to your computer take your S D card an put in. Put your pics on it. Then erase all your pics off your phn, then put your S D back in your phn that's the only way mine would work.


You can't. Many ZTE phones are software locked from doing this. I own a z830 and its tiny internal amount of storage is a huge issue. I'll never buy another one without checking its specs more thoroughly next time. Never trust the AT&T sales person. Lesson learned.

You can do it by going to Settings > Apps > under downloaded you can check each app if you can see "Move to SD card"

You can also use 3rd party apps, some of which are:
- Link2SD (link)
- AppMgr III (link)

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