What to do when ZTE Avid Plus is only showing black screen?

one day i woke up and i tried to use my phone but i couldnt because the phone only had a black screen and the directional keys ( i think that is what they are called). (the home, back, and open apps keys at the bottom of the phone) wouldnt turn off when i push the power button on the side to put the phone in sleep? (until i used it?) anywhoo, ..... the phone still only has a black screen except now i can at least get the phones directional keys to light down when the button is pushed. i have tried pulling the battery out, pulling the battery out for a while even, and since I cant see anything on the screen cause of it being a solid black the battery pulling is all i knew of being able to do.  that and sticking a needle into the reset spot in the bottom of the phone. i barely remember, (but i do remember) life before cellphones so i know i am capable of surviving plus my phone has been like this for about three weeks now and i am still alive but with that said, i am paying the bill so i dont  loose my number, therefore it would be nice if i could use my phone also. any help would be appreciated. thank you ahead of time whether or not this gets resolved i still appreciate the time taken to even just read this.

I have tried vol. Up vol. Down and power buttons. Ive tried just about every YouTube video about the ZTE avid trio. Or any android. And still nothing. Ive got a magnet on it now. Any suggestions?

Thank you very much for the reply. I will do that as soon as I get home and let you know the result.

When phone is of, press and hold power key and volume up button. If it still doesn't turn on, I highly suggest that you take it to a service center for a check up.

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