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How bad is Fido's reception?

I really like the z600, didn't try it tho.. thing is i was doing some research and all i found out that fido reception sux and some guys say that sony phones got bad signal.. is this true? well for the z600 does it have a good signal? and what about fido reception, i heard the coverage for it is not that good, been told to go to telus better, but the z600 don't work with telus :p so, the question is, How bad is the fido reception. BTW i live in ottawa, i go from the west end to the centre to the east end, so i go around, sometimes i spend time in the basement. SO is fido a good choice for me? or should i go to telus, if u say telus, plz recommend a nice flip phone colored screen camera and got nice features.. seen the a600 and their LG and the audiovox.. don't want them i can get unlocked phones but not that expensive ones, what would u recommend? thanks in advance.. :):)

Calgary is a major city..its' pretty much covered all over..even on highway 2 to no worries!

Hi guys,

I'm looking at getting the Z600 in Calgary. I don't know much about Fido's reception in Calgary though. Any opinions? I don't travel out of the city that much... maybe occasionally to the ski hills around Banff. I can deal with it if the reception isn't that great there but I want it to work well in the city.


are you kidding me. there reception suxs, have seen that commercial where hes making that film on his phone in paris then they say "you can make pictures and send them from around the world" well what i say is "funny thing you can send them from around becase fido dosent even work over there." but yes the z600 is very nice but if your going to go with fido then you better live in the greater toronto area (gta)

thanks cyrus, that was helpful, BTW i don't think the z600 looks bad.. its nice looking, in my eyes :p

haha..first off...Fido has the best GSM coverage in Cities..and IF you don't go outta town lots, you won't havve to worry about coverage. People say fido coverage sucks just because it doesnt work outside the city..and frankly they hardly ever leave city limits..thought i'd clear that up ..yet again... and educate people..:). anyways..Z600...size wise and's pretty hidious...features are awesome..for the get bluetooth, irda, 65k colour display.. compared to the Motorola V400, it's a steal!

if you're lookin' for unlocked phones and hesitant on a flip phone, the Z600 isn't that bad of a phone afterall if you can handle the size (in other words don't care how it looks).

Is fido a good choice for you? You'll need to answer that yourself..will it suit your "coverage" a problem...(do you go outta town lots).. do you want a contract? How much do you wanna pay for a phone? Those are some things you can answer and help you make your decision..there's lots of benefits with Fido, but I won't brag about it or anything..comsumers always have their choices..

Just give us a shout if you have any other questions. Hope this helps.

- Cyrus

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