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Where can you purchase a USB cable for the Sony Ericsson Z500a?

Hi all,

Does anyone know where I can get a USB cable for this phone? It's driving me nuts. I tried ebay, but the person selling 400 of them said "there is a shipping problem; defect and it had to be sent back to the manufacturer. We'll fill your order as soon as we get more"


I have a USB cable for the sony erricson 580i. It came with the phone, but how do I enstall the driver? It's not working.


have a try on (

just search it on google im sure there will be a site that u can order it from
n try radio shack or somthin

i got the usb cable, installed driver, but the phone monitor won't recognized my phone, any idea?

The sell one at for $9.95..

you may try See if they have anythign

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