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What known issues does the Sony Ericsson Z500 and Z600 have?

Hi there :),

I am hard pressed to find any differences or problems that one has and the other does not.

I am not concerned about bluetooth. Size, weight, volume, battery life, reception, etc are my main concerns.

Can anyone point any any known problems between one or the other? Or any major differences?

I will be using Fido as the network.

Thanks a bunch,

The Sony Ericsson Z600 is a great phone with lots of what I need (and use) everyday.......other than reception! It is a real shame that it is outperformed in this area by many other, less aesthetically pleasing, models. I have done the Nokia in one hand, SEZ600 in the other test, and had a similar poor result . I managed 1 block of reception on the SEZ600 to 5 blocks on the Nokia, but I still wouldn't buy the blockier Nokia!!
Good Points

Great screen quality
Excellent battery life
Great features

Bad Points

Reception is below average
Bluetooth connection frequently lost
Case chips really quickly

I got to go and see the cellphones today. I was absolutely stunned by their size. They're huge! Size is an important factor for me, as narrowed and simplistic minded as that may seem. So I think I'll need to look else where.

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