How can you use MP3 as a ringtone on the Sony Ericsson z310a?

I downloaded a new ringtone to my phone. It's under 125k and it's less than 30 seconds in MP3 format but I can't set it as a ringtone. Anything I should know?

my sony ericsson z310a screen has died and i need to get into my phone memory to transfer my contact list to my sim card before i can take it in to be fixed..can someone help me navigate keeping in mind that i cannot see a thing...thanks so much

By the way, my phone is a W580i, but my solution might work for you too.

Last night I finally got my ring tones working. I tried using .mp3 files and the DRM Packager to no avail. However if the audio is saved as a .wav file and transferred into the ringtones folder, it works fine. I used the free version of WavePad to convert to a .wav file.

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