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Why won't XOLO Play Tegra Note charge?

My device is not getting charged even after plugging it for more than two hours.The device is also getting disconnected frequently when connected to PC.Now the device is stuck at 31% battery.


Switch off tablet and then worked for me.

Sreejith Menon
Sreejith Menon
Sreejith Menon

Same issue. It is completely down now. Won't boot. Apparently it is a charging unit that has the problem. I could connect to a laptop with its micro usb and it got detected in that laptop of course won't allow to be explored or something.

Had the same problem on my phone, won't go over 90% what I did was drain the battery and charge it while phone is off.

I'm facing the exact same problem. Charging stuck at 40-50%, is it battery issue or something else. Is problem fixed?

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