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What can you say about Wind Mobile?

I'm looking at picking up an Htc Sensation 4g (Sometime in June) then going with wind. I live in Walnut Grove, Langley, Vancouver, BC and I was just wondering if someone else in this area could maybe comment on the reception ect. Because so far( over the phone) they had no clue what they were talking about. I guess this is understandable from a less than a year old carrier but if I could get some feedback that would be great. :)


I tried WIND but found out that their CANADA is not the same as mine. Their coverage is the poorest that I have ever had, I was never told that their coverage was only in certain areas and that one had to be in a major city to receive service also that once out of the area you don't have service. I could go on more but that is enough if you get the general picture of the status


I have an LG Neon with Bell. I don't know if its Bell or LG but mt reception sucks. I used to have a Samsung through Rogers and that was great, but their customer service wait times were hours and hours long, with no option for a call back service and I paid more for less on my plan.

You can read user reviews for Wind Mobile here in our website. As for Wind reviews for their service in Vancouver, BC, you can read here

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