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Why won't the Motorola Moto G turn on?

phone will not turn on and will not charge been plugged in for 5 hours
tried 4 different plug ins

.....hence the "NOT turning on" part of the question...... so......still NO answer?????? Gee, thanks.....

Try this:

1. Plug it into the charger
2. Hold the VOL DOWN key
3. While still holding the VOL DOWN key, press and hold the POWER key
4. Hold both keys down for over 120 seconds. This is more than two minutes and will seem like a long time. You might want to time yourself to make sure you hold it longer than two minutes.
5. After holding the keys down for more than two minutes, release them.
6. The Flash Boot screen will display, and the Normal Reboot option will be highlighted
7. Press the VOL UP key and the device will start a normal reboot.

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