Will XOLO Win Q900s get Windows 10 update?

Hi, I am going to buy a XOLO Win tomorrow and I needed to ask whether or not will it receive the Windows 10 update?

guys the update for official Lumia phones is set the update with xolo is still in progress for the moment we must hold patients hope we get w10 update soon

Now the Windows 10 Mobile update is available for Xolo Win Q900s. My father owns it and I've recently updated his phone. But this update is available through the Upgrade Advisor.

why xolo win q900s update to windows 10

will xolo win Q900s get the windows 10 update???? upgrade advisor is showing that your phone is eligible for an update to windows10


Yes, Windows 10 is compatible with both Xolo win q900 and Xolo Win q1000.

is window 10 update comes for win q 900s

Micromax canvas win w121 will get windows 10 update


What this phone Xolo win q1000 window 10 upgradble


Any updates regards the windows 10 update for Xolo Q900s

Kindly update how to do it,,,


xolo win q1000 windows insider not updated 2

Windows 10 is not yet available on phones. We'll only know if it's compatible with the phone once is out.


How to update xolo win q1000 to windows 10


xolo win q1000 how to update windos 20

There is currently no news if the XOLO Win Q900s will get the update. We'll probably find out once the Windows 10 update is available.

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