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Maureen Ireland

Will an Apple iPhone from SaskTel work in Cuba?

I have an I-phone and was told by a Sask Tel outlet that my txtng fees would be .20 per text as am on the 65 Plan. I have a friend who just came back from Cayo Coco, Cuba and told me her husband checked his e-mail once and his mom txtd him 3 times his bill for that was over $35.00 and she told me to turn off my 'roaming' and also 'data' - I am very confused as to why she said that - she said the roaming and data if left turned on can amount to an awful lot of money - up to a $1000.00

Hi Maureen. Yes, you can use your iPhone in Cuba. Here are the roaming rates:

Voice: $2.99 per minute
Texting: $0.65 per text
Data GSM: $15.00 per MB

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