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Why does Wi-Fi speed drop down frequently on Samsung Galaxy A7?

I hate this mobile....every few days my wifi speed goes down to 2 mbps from 35 mbps.....I did all sorts of reset....hard stays ok for a while but speed drops down to 2 mbps with in no time when I check in speed test....I check the speed of same wifi from my wife's one plus and all other phones and laptop in's always 35 mbps and super fast...for me It just drops down and loading Facebook videos takes forever...matter of fact never loads. It can't be storage or performance issue...I have lot of free storage and lot of memory ...I just did a full reset. Works for some time and drops down also can't be wifi issue or routers as the speed is always good on all other phones. I'm guessing reset in other words cache cleare is helping boost the speed but it drops down in no time...doesn't make any sense for me to reset or clear cache every 3 hours.

Hi Kalyan. Are you using any utility apps for data usage or battery life?

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