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Why won't the Huawei Honor Holly connect to Wi-Fi properly?

I have wifi problem in Huawei Honor holly mobile. How can i solve this problem? Its doesnot connect properly. Always i got this connection problem?


i face wifi problem. wifi connect 30 mints aftr 30mints automatically disconnect the wifi signal. when i am restart the mobile it will be continued.

Can any one suggest when I am playing a video in any player like MX, default player the video is getting struck for 2sec for every 1min may I know how to overcome (or) is there any mother board issue????????
please suggest the best

Found a solution do a factory data reset and see if its worked for me... If not ask for a replacement ( if bought from flipkart)

Devraj Singh Rana
Devraj Singh Rana



Hey guyzz plzz my honor holly just few months old and wifi not working i have the same problen plZ give the solution

Put the phone in airlane mode and then turn off the airplane mode.
Wifi will connect

Vikash Joshi

Please try these steps given in this link: Click here

wifi connecting probleam how to connect wifi

I just got the phone and im already facing issues with wifi. wtf??.. huawei honor holly seemed so perfect for me and i bought it, now i can connect to wifi but after awhile it shows its connected but i couldnt download anything.. it loads for awhile and says no connection detected!!.. wtf? my sony works fine with the same connection.. HUAWEI!!!! FIX ITTTTT!!!!!! PLZZ!!!!!!!

I have the same problem in my huawei honer 3c lite phone when i try to connect to the wifi it says connecting for 10 seconds then it don't connect/or says authenticating problem but when i make restart to the phone the network works for few hours only then it makes the same problem
What should i do? Its only 1 week old!

Hi! Same problem! Streaming music / VOIP is especially annoying. It connects perfectly and fast, but then then no data is being received every x seconds. I already updated to the EMUI 3, but no difference. Also tried all various options on/off, forget network, etc. No difference! Didn't replace my router, but every device I have connects perfectly. So doing the math: Honor 6 is the bottleneck! Sad, because I love the device! Just something so essential as WiFi connectivity is a plain turn off!

Huawei / Honor 6 Team, please fix this! Before those complaints are all over the internet and you can't sell your phone anymore, which would be a waste of such a nice device.

I have the same problem. Putting static ip temporarily fixed but still have the issue. Guys please help else I have to return the phone.


Honor 3C:Settings»Wi-Fi»Advanced»Wi-Fi optimization»Off

try this...
go to setting>wifi>menu>advanced>scaning always available(click disable)

i too face the same problem with wifi my lg nexus 5 it connects in all wifi spots,but huawei there is a issue..can some one fix this issue plzz..

Facing same promote. Wifi showing connected but internet not working. While I turn off and then turn on wifi, it is working for 10 seconds and then again internet stopped. I have tried on many different wifi networks.
any help?my 2 days old huawei honor 3c lite / holly same as bharat problem

Hi even im not abel to get password information once get on wifi. Please some on help to resolve this.

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