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Why won't my ZTE ZMAX charge?

it says it is charging but has been stuck on zero percent for at least 10 minutes and when i go to get on it the phone cuts back off

I currently have my zte z987 and it won't charge, it don't turn on, and when I plug it into the computer nothing registers. like when I plug my iPhone into the computer, it registers it. when I plug my galaxy tab 3 into the computer with the same plug it registers, but this phone won't register. I hope it isn't the battery, idk why because the phone hasn't gotten wet at all, I dropped it in the rocks and the back glass is shattered, part of the bottom plastic came off and the top part of the plastic facing the back is popped off where the headphone jack is. I've left it on the charger all day and nothing happens. I have held it for about 5 minutes, nothing happens. I have even tried vol+up & vol+down and nothing happens. I don't want to get rid of the phone, but idk how to fix it

Try using a different charger. Make sure that you try the charger with other device first to confirm that it is working.

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