Why won't my ZTE Speed turn on when the battery is charged?

My ZTE Speed wont turn on when the battery is charged

My phone is not working when I try to turn it on it won't do nothing and when I put it on charger it starts coming on and off and stops at the Zte screen and turns back off

Thank you for correct info. It worked. I was unable to find out anything from Boost.
I had just charged my phone and just had 4G sign frozen on screen.
Ruus22 Boost needs to chip in a few buck or contract with you because YOU Help.

Thank you so much Ruus22. It did work like a charm. Thought I was going to have to take it in to the shop. Phew ;)

Hold Volume Up and Power to boot into recovery, then long press Power to reboot, and you should be ok, I just talked to Boost and that's what they said, worked like a charm.

Maybe do some research before replying Grindale. You can't pull the battery as it's sealed in the case.

The battery could possibly be broken. Just buy a new one and see if your phone will turn on.

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