Why wont my ZTE Majesty turn on?

I just bought the ZTE Majesty through straight talk about two weeks ago the battery died so I plugged it in but it didnt do anything and it will not turn on. There is zero damage to my phone I dont understand. Can someone please help

     The reason for the battery issues is gonna be either a bad or defective battery circuit board, a dirty charge port, or an internal connection has come loose. If the phone is still under warranty, & you don't mind about a 2-4 week wait, you can always contact your carrier who will send you a new phone of equal or better quality! For example I sent my ZTE z798bl majesty pro lte back under warranty & received a Samsung galaxy J7 sky pro through straight talk... AWESOME RIGHT?! Now for those getting stuck in loading or the boot process, YOU WILL NEED TO PROCEED WITH YOUR PHONES WARRANTY! Or take it to a shop if factory resets are unsuccessful in correcting the issue. But to anyone looking into how warranties work they can be redeemed by either your service provider or the phones specific manufacturer. Idk how long the manufacturers take for the complete phone exchange& your more than likely gonna end up with the EXACT SAME PHONE WITH A POSSIBILITY OF THE EXACT SAME RIDICULOUS PROBLEM OR WORSE! At least sticking with ANY ZTE MODEL! Hope this helps solve any of these issues & unfortunately at the moment my ZTE is crapping out on me... I'm just waiting for my box & shipping label!

Mine wont turn on either. It is stuck at the Tracfone Wireless screen when i tried.

zte won t turn on after charging for hours

my friends phone turns on, but is stuck on the TracFone Wireless, Inc blue screen. It has done this 2 days now, and we are getting very irritated. The battery has been taken out, charged, I even tried resetting the phone, and nothing is working. I can't even get the phone to reset

How long are your pressing the power button to turn it on? Try atleast 30 seconds. Also Try charging it for a few minutes before trying to turn it on. Or try reinstalling the battery first to see if it turns on by then.

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