Why won't my ZTE Majesty charge?

Billy garcia
Billy garcia
I'm trying to figure out why my ZTE Majesty will not charge and the phone will not stay connected to the charger to charge. I don't have the original charger but I have had this phone for over 3 years.

Hi. Are you using the charger &/or USB cord that came w/the phone? If not, that may be the problem. Even if what your using fits the phone's charging port, it may not be drawing enough juice to charge the phone. Your charging unit should be pulling no less than 1 amp (1000mA) & any USB cord has to be heavy enough to carry it. {This is shared from personal experience} :-)

Hi bambie. Check if your charger is working. Use it with another device to to determine if it's working or not. If it does, then it could be an issue with your phone's charging port. Contact ZTE to find out how you can get your phone repaired.

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