derrick darnell

Why won't my ZTE Engage LT turn all the way on?

it wont go to main screen. what can i do?

Hey derrick. Did you do something to your phone before this problem happened, like installing a custom ROM? Sounds like you're phone is on a boot loop.

When something wrong happens to your phone, the first thing you should always do is to restart your phone. You can even take out the battery first and wait for a few minutes before turning your phone back on. Another option, but should be a last resort, is to perform a hard reset.

To hard reset your device:

1. Power off the phone
2. Press Volume Up + Power simultaneously
3. Release when the triangle/exclamation point screen appears
4. Press Volume Up + Volume Down simultaneously
5. Use volume down to select wipe data/factory reset
6. Select with the power button

Let me know if you resolve your phone's issue. Good luck!

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