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Why won't the UMX U670C turn on or charge?

UMX BRT209 U670C tracfone

Yea mine still won't turn on. Every time, it loads the UMX logo screen and turns back off. And it's at 18% battery and currently charging. 

It does this over and over until one time it finally loads the rest of the operating system. 96% of the time, it just loads the UMX logo, then shuts off again. 

jana garrett

I have a umx phone that isn't working correctly ive tried reinstalling battery using a different cable when plugging in it still dont work correctly ive tried contacting umx their box says full so I cant leave a message dont no what to do

Try re-installing the battery and see if that works. If not, have you tried using a different charging cable, plugging in to a different USB port or different wall socket? If not, I suggest that you try it first. Otherwise, I think the issue is in your phone's battery. I suggest that you contact UMX. Good luck!

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