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Why won't my Samsung Galaxy S4 produce sound?

As stated my S4 speaker suddenly stopped producing sound. A few weeks ago I dropped it into water but immediately took it out turned it off dried it and let it sit in rice for a few days. Afterward it worked fine. This afternoon it suddenly would not play any form of sound even though it was working fine in the morning. Music, videos, ringtones, all can't be heard. I can still hear someone I'm talking to and everything else works fine. The water damage indicators do not show signs of water damage either. I have turned off my phone and removed the battery several times to no avail. Is there anything I can do before having to replace the speaker?

Hi there. Are you sure you did not just accidentally muted your phone? Try this, open YouTube and play a video. While playing a video press volume up, a volume bar will appear, max it to the right. If you still won't hear anything from that, I suggest having your phone checked.

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