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Why won't my Samsung Galaxy Discover turn on or stop vibrating?

im not sure whats wrong with it, when i go to turn it on the samgung symbol appears for about 2 seconds then the screen shuts off, then it vibrates every 3 seconds constantly till i take the battery out. i know there is nothing wrong with the battery, im thinking it might be moister in the phone because i bring it into the washroom when i shower and play music while i shower the phone stays dry though, what should i do?

Hi Robin, to try and help you out....I did a little searching and found that this problem seems to be caused by a stuck power button. So you just need to find a way to loosen it up in order to make the phone function normally again. One user tried using duct tape to sort of pull the power button back out into its normal, non-stuck position, and it worked.

Let me know if you find a fix for this problem with all these things in mind!

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