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Why won't my Kobo Arc 7 turn on?

I was using my kobo when all of a sudden it turned off. I tried turning it on, but it seemed to be out of battery. When it turned off it still had about 30-40% battery left. Anyways, I plugged it in an it still won't turn on. :/ I haven't damaged it in any way other than a little scratch, and it hasn't been acting up or showing any signs of misbehavior. What should I do?


my tablet will not come on when i try to turn on my tablet it says mercucy pro

Don't know if this helps.  I tried pressing the volume down and power button for about 15 seconds, then I decided to try blowing on both ends of the charger connector to get any dust away.  My Kobo still needs a full charge but at least after I did the above, it shows a charging icon, which in the past seems to mean its trying to charge.

I tried all of the suggestions the power and the volume everything but it won't turn on last night was on it when it just turned off. I tried to turn it on at first I would get the light by the power button to blink but it eventually stopped I let it charge all night and this morning it still won't work. The light won't turn on at all please help

I am also having this problem, I tried the volume button and power button together multiple times for up to 25 seconds but nothing happens on steen (I tried it plugged in and not plugged in).   I can get the tiny top notch ndicator light to blink when I hold power if the machine is plugged in but that is all. Any help?

I tried all the above and still nothing.  Any other suggestions?

Had a similar problem.  Kobo would not start.  LED would blink 3 times when pushing the power button.  The Kobo had a depleted battery.  We tried to charge it for 24 hours with no success.  Tried pushing power button and bottom volume button with no success.  Connecting the Kobo to the computer seemed to wake it up and it started to charge. 

FYI, I had the same problem. Would not turn on or charge, although I know it was 50% charged. Resetting with volume down Key and Power key for 15 seconds did the trick. Thanks Sara.

Hey guys... So after a whole bunch of trial and error I managed to figure out how to fix it. It basically just needed a restart. I still don't know WHY it shut down and wouldn't tun on.... Anyways, in order to restart the device you have to hold the power button and the lower volume button down for about 10-15 seconds. Hopefully it should restart.

Hope this helps you... =)

I have encountered the same problem. I was reading, then I put in on sleep. When I went back to it after 3 hours, it would not turn on (the battery was like 60%). I thought it might have died since the wifi was on. I tried to charge it and it won't charge. Do you have any idea what has happened? It did not fell down or anything. It just stopped working.
Help please!!

Mine is doing the same thing and none of the online fixes work. This thing is a piece of s**t. Any new ideas yet? Otherwise I'm just gonna smash the thing.

I am having the same issue. My kobo randomly turned off and now won't turn on or charge. Someone help :/


Mine is the same it blinks when it is being charged and i have tried all of the stuff do you know what to do?

Hi Sarah! Does the indicator light flash when you try to charge the Kobo Arc 7? That may give us a clue as to what's happening here. In any case, first try to leave the device plugged in to the charger for at least 5-10 minutes before trying to turn it on again by pressing the power button. If it doesn't respond, keep the power button pressed for 10 seconds to see if it makes a difference. If it still won't work, press the volume down button and power button at the same time and hold them both down for 10 seconds. Let us know what happens!

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