How to resolve Apple iPhone 3GS software update error?

For about the last 6 months or so, when I connect to itunes with my phone to do any upgrades etc.. The system tells me to do the upgrade, however when I run the 30 or 40min. upgrade at the very end it comes up with the same error message and the upgrade doesn't work. Prior to this I never had any trouble upgrading my phone. How do I get past this?

Well i have the same problem as well
Abishek im pretty sure you have Iphone 3gs correct?
Download Tiny Umbrella and kick it out of recovery
Then use a custom firmware such as Redsnow
hold shift when you click restore on itunes and select the
ispw you want Walla it works !!!

error -1 occurs while software upadating 6.0.1.An early reply shall be highly appreciable.HELP!!

You should see an error code and that will let you know what's causing the problem. Refer to the link below to see what the error codes mean and what you should do to resolve them.


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