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diana watkins

Why won't my Alcatel One Touch Idol Mini switch on?

idol mini

My Alcatel onetouch mini idol is have a problem. The power on is ok but if it's open it is always loading to the brand name "ALCATEL ONETOUCH MINI - SMART MOVE " and then that's it .. how can i fix this ? Please help

Marvin Castillo
Marvin Castillo

Its not the battery. I bought another battery for the phone and its still doing the same problem. Anyone has an idea, please post. Thanks!


Im having the same issue as Jeff Hunter. The phone would not power on, I then pressed the Volume button and the power button and it did come on. It gave me the option to restart phone and to reset phone to factory settings. I reset the phone and after that the phone went dead again. Could it be the battery?

Hmmm... Check the battery if it is properly installed. After that, charge the phone for about 5 - 10 minutes. Make sure that the charger is working. Try turning it on, if it doesn't work, try pressing volume down key + power key at the same time when trying to turn it on.

Let me know if you get your phone to turn on.

my phone will not turn on or power up

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