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Why is WhatsApp not available in the Windows phone store of the Nokia Lumia 525?

Why whatsapp not seen in the store?

Hello, it seems that WhatsApp was pulled from the Windows Phone store nearly two weeks ago due to certain issues. Users who already have the app installed on their phones are unaffected, but as you probably already know, those who still don't have the app aren't going to be able to install it at all -- at least for now.

It's not clear when exactly it will make a comeback in the store, but one thing's certain: you're not alone in this, and the number of users who are unable to use WhatsApp on their Windows Phone handsets keeps growing each day. All that can be done for now is just wait for the app to become available again.

There may be a press release issued when that day arrives, so watch out for that. Hope this helped clear a few things up!

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