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Why won't volume keys control the volume on the Xiaomi MiPad?

volume key of mipad doesn't work after i use this device for a day...I need to switch off the device and again it works for a day and then again i get the same issue. The volume becomes loud and uncontrollable via the volume buttoms.I thought it was due to earphone but this issue is still there when I disconnect the earphone. I have only used this device for less than a month and its irritating me. can anyone suggest me a solution?

Hmm.. Looks like a faulty volume key. It is best to bring the tablet back to the store where you bought it or visit a Xiaomi service center. Good luck!


I have also the same problem pls if u got any solution pls tell me I bought it just recently on 29-10-2015 I am frustrated about this issue pla

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