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Why does the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime lose network signal after missing a call?

My network is lost after someone miss called me.after a moment,the network came back.its happen everytime i have a miss called.i use the latest android version.lolipop 5.1.1... tq

I am in syria i have the same problem Have anyone a solution to fix it I think lolipop 5.1 is the problem

why does my phone loose network from time to time? newly bought from dubai about 2 weeks ago

Hi there guys. Have you tried contacting your carrier or ask someone under the same network if they're experiencing the same? The problem may not be on the phone but from the carrier. They may be having a maintenance or something else going on their network that's why you have unstable network signals.

newly buy samsung grand prime phone observing both sim signal dropped auto & return back signal, it was given to samsung agency then also observing same, please support to solve issue

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