Why does the Samsung Galaxy Pocket need to be restarted after an hour of Internet use?

Why does my Samsung Galaxy Pocket need to restart after an hour of internet usage? Whenever I don't restart, internet connection doesn't work. Is it my network or my device that has a problem? Any suggestions?

The phone has a low speed processor. and also take note of the Ram capacity. No need to complain get some trendy samsung mordern phones.

I was having some virus type of problem in my phone - Galaxy Pocket , its internal was suddenly full and was not receiving messages , so I restored it . But after restoring it 3G/2G or net is not working at all . I have also restated it but it ain't working .

i have a same problem..
And i agree its manufacturing defect..
Right now, im approaching samsung service centre for the solution..
And they said that i have to wait 3 days to have a solution..

Anshul Tiwari

Finally I have got the answer. You just need to change the access point settings and you are done. Any problems please free to contact

I have the same issue. I need help!

i have the same problem...i thought i was the only one....so no solution yet? its really irritating!!

Wow; thought I was the only one with this problem!

I also have the same problem, if I'm running on 3G-H packet data, after 2-4 hours the internet stop working, I have to restart the phone to get it working again. But if I use the GSM only option and I get the 2G channel the internet has no problem.

But on 2G what can I do except write a few text on whatsapp, on kakao its very slow. And each time I need to browse I have to switch to H again and hope it last long enough for me to finish browsing.

Hi both my father and I have had this exact same problem I get between 2-4 hrs of Internet usage before I have to switch the phone on and off again to get it woriking again...if somebody knows of a fix for this could they please let me know thankx

Nayan Ranjan Pal

I am also facing the same problem bt after 10-12 hors of internet usage. Its not the network's p[roblem. I have observed it very well. Now I am approaching samsung service centre for help.

I was able to borrow a Galaxy Pocket from a friend. Browsed the Internet for more than an hour on 3G and another hour and a half on Wi-Fi. Everything seems to be ok. No interruptions on connection. Check with your provider as it could be an issue on their end.

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