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Why won't Lenovo K3 Note display call logs?

Am unable to see my call history. It's showing like your call log is empty.


Thank's raja. It's now working. 

In my mobile last call not showing in Lenovo k50. What is the solution.

in my lenovo a7010 after upgrading os I am facing the problem that in call log yesterday or  older day it could not show time and duration of calls. So it is very problematic to find that in older day which time the persons calls i got.

I need to see tha call history ..but its showing call is empty

Please help me regarding to show all call logs in lenovo k3 note



In my mobile last call not showing in k3note

Please help me regarding to show all call logs in lenovo k3 note

Thank you Mr Raja it is working after doing it as per your instruction

Thanks Mr.Raja, it worked. Great help.

Guys if not getting logs for particular some nos. dont do nothing......just backup ur all contacts and delete the previous all then restore ur .vcf file from ur storage location, prb will solve


Lenevo K3 Note mobile contact log not displaying

I am also facing same log is empty most of the time or it takes longer time to display, contact manager is very slow. I wanted to check if you all have True caller installed..I am suspecting that it may cause this issue but not sure. Can anyone help with this issue?

Am also having the same problem it's keep on showing the empty call log ..where it is getting very complicated and also every time the contacts are getting duplicate d and forming 2 or 3 contacts plzz help me with this problem..

Call log do not appear in Lenova K3 Note - Rectification
Reboot the phone.
Go to right corner op with Sim with right arrow.
Just click and press all calls.
Call log will be retrived.

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