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Why does the ZTE Warp keep on crashing?

worst phone i have ever baught!!! spend way to much for this phone for it to do this!! i ,and no one that knows me will every buy a product with the name zte on it

I have this phone and I know about a lot of people that have this phone and everybody has the same issues, no matter how many times you reboot it or reset. It is a phone issue.

You can reset the phone by performing the following steps .1.Power off the phone.2.Press and hold Vol+ key and Power key simultaneously for about 10 seconds until the some option appear on the screen which are reboot system now; apply update from sdcard; wipe data/factory reset; wipe cache partition.3.Use Vol+ key and Vol- key to move the cursor to "wipe cache partition" and press camera key to confirm it.4.After 5 seconds, the cursor will be on "reboot system now" again and press camera key to confirm it. The phone will reboot automatically.This will solve the issue

Hey Jon. This is a common problem on the ZTE Warp. Try to remember if you installed an app prior to the crash. Remove that app and see if the issue gets fixed. You can also reset your phone back to factory settings but remember that all your personal information and downloaded applications on your phone will be erased after the reset.

Resetting Your Phone
1. Go to Settings > Privacy.
2. Tap Factory data reset.
3. Tap Reset phone. Tick Erase SD card if you want to erase the memory card.
4. Tap Erase everything.

Another solution is doing a firmware update.
Go to Settings > About Phone > System updates > Update firmware

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