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Why is the time on my Samsung S275 changing to daylight savings time too early?

  1. Same phone, same problem 2 years in a row! 
  2. Also own a Samsung tv that turns itself back on !!


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There is an updated firmware (S275MUGMJ2) on this phone for time zone correction, to see your current version, Select Menu > Settings > Phone Information then scroll down to Software Version

I have the same problem with the same Samsung phone. I called Samsung and spoke with an agent who told me I should bring my phone into a store for repair. I spoke with my provider (Fido) and they told me the issue is a "known issue" and that Samsung's software is to blame. So this Samsung agent either didn't know about this, or pretended not to know about this. I will be calling Samsung again to complain. It's ridiculous that a company isn't upfront with an issue with their products and instead keeps customers in the dark hoping to fix the problem all the while we run around trying to solve the problem on our own.

called them countless times,every answer was different,but I think I finally got the honest answer,"they`re working on the problem and no known date of when it will be fixed,other than Nov.3rd of coarse!!(time change)

I work for Rogers Retailers and sent this phone for repair. Explanation from the manufacturer is Samsung working a fix or update for this particular phone for this issue.
Until Samsung release that update you will still continue to have the same problem even if you set the time to manual.

Same here...we have 2 of these phones, quite annoying.....called Bell mobility and they knew nothing about it!

I also have a Samsung S275 flip phone. Time zone is PDT. However on Oct 1 my phone switched daylight savings time off so its now minus 1 hour. I know its not the carrier network because if I put my simcard to my other phones it correctly auto get the time from my carrier and apply the daylight savings time correctly.
Looking at my time and date setting its set to automatic and I can see my timezone is still PDT.
Only solution for now is to set time and date to "manual". However on my S275 if you power off your phone and power it back on, it will auto switch your time and date settings from manual back to automatic which will make your time minus one again so if you power cycle your phone remember to set it back to manual and change the time to fix it. At least until the real day light savings time is turned off in Nov.

Hi Reg. Yes, it's a month too early. It probably is an issue with your network.

From the Idle screen, press MenuSettingsPersonalizeTime and Date.

To set time manually, highlight Time zone updating and press the left or right navigation key and select Manual only.

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