Why is the flash sometimes not working on my LG V30 while taking pictures?

I was extremely happy after getting the android 8.0 oreo in my v30 last month. Better battery life, it got a bit faster also a bunch of overall improvements. First surprise was the Q lense and the AI mode in the camera app, and I thought it was really cool until my flash stopped working while taking pictures, specially in low light cilonditions. And I really dont like the new bright mode that automaticlly activates when it detects darkness. I tried to deactivate it but I couldnt. I also tried restarting the app, the phone and even deleted the app data, but no use. Can someone tell me please how to fix this? Should I wait until the new update comes out and hope that ghe bug will be fixed?

Hey there Wael. Can you try using 3rd party camera apps and see if the same thing happens?

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