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Why is phone network on my ZTE Majesty completely slow?

My name is bobby .. So i just rested my phone twice but my phone network is completly slow and i dont have a virus?

Hi Bobby. Are you referring to the speed of your mobile connection when browsing the Web? Well, a lot of factors go into that. But here are some things you can try to keep in mind next time you try to use your network connection.

When you activate your data connection, take a look at what letter appears above the signal bars on your phone. If it's an E, it means you're using EDGE data, which is about the slowest connection you can get. But if it says H or H+, then that means you're using HSDPA data, and that's much faster. So immediately you'll know if you have a good connection or not.

Also, try to use your data connection in places other than the inside of your house. Then check to see if the speed is any different -- i.e. whether it is faster or slower. Let us know what you find after trying these out!

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