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Why is my ZTE Majesty so slow?

Google bloats their androids with useless apps and no way to uninstall. Many run without being known.

I'm having the same issues with my zte majesty. Its very slow all the time on the internet even when I put a new service card on. And just now when I tried to register to this site it said I was blacklisted. I've never even been on this site before! Please help. Been having super slow internet for months now and have done everything I know to do.

I am having the same issues with my ZTE majesty. So disappointing.


my ZTE Majesty wont download anything at all

Hi there! There are a lot of reasons for your phone to slow down.
Some of which are:

1. Not enough memory
If you packed your phone with a tons of apps and data, it can slow down your phone. Consider removing apps that you rarely use to free up some space.

2. Cache needs clean up
There is a cache partition on most Android devices that stores items that are accessed the most. After a while, it can become clogged with junk, causing slow performance. You can usually wipe the cache by accessing the recovery screen at startup. Each device has it’s own method for accessing the screen.

3. App services running in the background at start-up
Some apps run constantly in the background. Restart your Android, then check under Settings > Applications > Running services to see the list. Uninstall the apps associated with the services you don’t need if possible.

4. Your device is too old for the version of Android you’re running
Check updates regularly.

5. Widgets on home screen
Remove unnecessary widgets.

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