Why is my new T-Mobile UK SIM card not activating?

my sim card is saying inactive but its brand new how to activate

* Requirements

A T-Mobile signal so that you can receive a text message from T-mobile.
Your old phone and SIM.
You new T-Mobile mini SIM.
A computer with access to the internet.

* Step-By-Step Guide

Visit the webpage of T-Mobile Mini-SIM Activation at link 1 below.
As required, enter your mobile number and the word from the image below the blank, and click “Submit”.
Check you mobile, on which you will receive a text message from T-Mobile. Enter the 4-digit pin code in the text and click “Next”.
In the next page, click “Activate” to finish your T-Mobile Mini-SIM activation.

Find more help among the Frequently Asked Questions about T-Mobile Services at link 2 below.
Visit the homepage of T-Mobile (UK) for more information at related link 3.

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