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Why is the Motorola Moto G (2nd Gen) overheating?

My moto device is overheating and can operate and mobile was hanging pls inform me the reason . Someone says it is software problem 

Hai..... My pH is heating up whenever I go out.... Wen I'm in my home my pH is in t normal condition i.e) it doesn't heated up..... But wen I went outside my phone gets heated up and drain AL my charge and t battery comes to 0%....... Can u guys suggest any solution to solve tis problem????.....

yogesh kothari
yogesh kothari

my motog2 gets over heated and lags a lot after android 6.. need some solution

Madhuri Upadhye

My MOTO G2 phone is under warantee period and is heating while charging. How the problem can be resolved, and taking lot of time to charge.

It's because of the phone is processing a lot. Watching videos, playing games, and having a long call heats up the phone really fast. Please avoid doing these while charging the phone to avoid any further problem.

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