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Why is mobile network frequently unavailable in Alcatel One Touch Idol Mini?

Getting more and more frequent, i am unable to use my phone because it displays the message "mobile network unavailable" ... sometimes it will work for one call and 2 minutes later, displays this message.  I have it for emergencies but the service is getting worse and worse.  My husband doesn't have this problem, nor does anyone else who comes here.  I bought my phone just over a year ago from pc mobile.  It's an Alcatel mini idol ... maybe I need a new phone and plan? 

Hi Mumsy. In that case, please contact PC Mobile regarding the issue. Hope it gets fixed soon.


Hi Carl P.

I've just checked the pcmobile map and it indicates our area to be "blazing fast".  We live in Coquitlam near Burnaby so it should work great.  I like my phone plan for the little/sporadic use it gets, but need it to be reliable.

Thanks for your suggestion.  Don't know which tower or where it is ... but we're definitely not in the boonies ... 

Thanks for your suggestion ... M

Hi mumsy. Please check PC Mobile's coverage map, maybe you are almost out of their coverage area that's why you keep losing signal.

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