Why has my Doro 8030 deleted my email account?

I have been receiving email (Plusnet ISP) on my phone for several months without any problems but now the acount has been deleted from the phone. I reentered all the details and it worked ok but when the app was closed and restarted all the setup details had been deleted.

I am experiencing the same on my doro 8040. The phone looses my e-mail address after putting it to flight mode. I retains the gmail settings though.

Hmm.. Odd. Can you try entering a different email and see if it stays?

All the plusnet Account information has been deleted, but the gmail account details are still all there. I'm wondering if there is a fault somewhere, strange it only happens on one of the two email accounts and has been fine for the last year.

Hmm.. Odd. Can you check Settings -> Accounts if the email account is still there when you close the email app.

As far as I remember no settings were changed - which ones would be relevant? The email App is the one that comes with Doro - no new apps have been loaded.

Did you change any settings on the phone before that happened? Also, which email app are you using?

Not the answer you were looking for?