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Deb Piebenga

Why does the ZTE Majesty get hot?

My phone will get hot when I am talking on it... I will only be on the phone for about 5 minutes and it gets hot. Why does this happen?

It is the top portion of the phone... So it isn't the battery , And I would think that it isn't the display or the whole phone would be hot. So whatever is in the top inch and 1/2 of the phone. I have found that if I take the case off it doesn't heat up as fast.... But ya still got me as to why it gets hot.

Hi Deb, can you find out exactly what part of the phone gets hot while you are using it during phone calls? Is it the display, the battery, or some other part of the phone? Most phones tend to get hot when in use due to a number of reasons. This could be normal for your phone. Although a phone getting hot within 5 minutes of you using it for a phone call sounds unusual, for sure.

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